“boldly laying down their lives” by Sasha on her couch

Wednesday September 26, 2012
5 minutes
from the Strongbow ad on the back of NOW magazine
September 20-26 2012 issue

We keep getting caught up in the dreamcatcher future
Sing me songs about you jealousy and your demons and your vodka induced volitions
I’m not over this
Your patience buoys me so gently
The water is moving
But slowly now
I’m floating on my back and a thunderstorm’s coming
I’m going
Make up your mind about finishing
If you don’t I will
I steal ideas and make them something better
This laundromat of inspiration is tired
The door is about to lock
It’s late
Go home
Remember when you taught me how to make origami paper cranes and we hung them
From my ceiling?

“boldly laying down their lives” by Julia at her desk

Wednesday September 26, 2012
5 minutes
from the Strongbow ad on the back of NOW magazine
September 20-26 2012 issue

what am i doing here?
i have fantasized about you since i saw you, now i have you, now i don’t want you.
you’re sleeping soundly, dreaming probably, of me probably more.
i’m awake, and there are suitcases all around me.
i’m leaving you.
i’m taking a very early bus, i won’t be leaving a note, and i’m going.
there is roast beef in the fridge and maybe one egg left if you need something. i won’t take any of that with me, it’s all yours, you can have it.
i don’t want you to wonder why or if it was your fault.
it’s not. it’s no one’s fault. it’s my fault, if anything, but still, it’s no one’s fault.
i am sad by this, i’ll say that. it’s not a freeing feeling or a relief in anyway to conclude that i’m going.
it’s hard for me too, so there’s that.
i have regrets and i haven’t even snuck out yet.
i am currently thinking about what that last kiss will feel like and if i’m going to give it to you.
you won’t know either way. you could sleep through a hurricane. maybe that’s what this is, sort of a natural disaster where even if you plan enough ahead, or prepare enough just in case items, you never really understand what you will do or what you will need when it happens.
as is stands, i think i need your brown hoodie and the birthday card you wrote me last july. that one was a good one and so i will keep it close by. just in case.