“Tupperware bins” by Julia at The Holy Oak

Tuesday September 18, 2012 at The Holy Oak
5 minutes
Tom Jokinen

Since you’re leaving me, I think it’s only fair that we discuss what you’ll be leaving behind. I think I deserve a couple of things we bought together as a parting package. As a thing you get from work when they need to let you go…SEVERANCE. That’s what I want. Because you were very clear and I know it’s what you want.
You have to let me go.
I was thinking, and this is just off the top of my head, but I’d like all of the snow-globes from our years together. It was my idea to collect them and I want them so I can smash them one by one. Is that okay with you? I know you’d just throw the whole Tupperware bin of them out at once and I also want to keep the bin.
I don’t like this negotiating but I think we can both agree that it’s 100% necessary and that I’m being quite reasonable.

You decided…when again (On our 4-year anniversary, which was what? July 28th?) that you were done?
You decided then.
And let’s see, it’s now September, so you might have to give me two months worth of lying or something but I haven’t yet figured out how that will translate into material items.

“connected by universal love” by Julia at Loft404

Monday September 17, 2012 at Loft404
5 minutes
Journey to the Heart
Melody Beattie

I was thinking about Ever-lasting Gobstoppers and got excited that if there were ever such a thing that ever-lasted—and if it could be edible, then surely there were other things too.
Maybe love.
Probably not.
Maybe friendship.
Probably not.
I’m no idiot.
I do like dreaming and wishing and dancing. Mostly dancing.
I can hear music in my head a bazillion times a day and when I’m sleeping my dreams always have a soundtrack.
I think it’s because I’m actually not even close to being a dancer—but I’ve found the freedom in it and I just can’t get that with anything else.
I’m not interested in Gobstoppers but I am interested in ever-lasting.
I remember my father telling me that the only thing we can ever count on in life is our family because the rest?
The boyfriends and the best friends?
They break your heart.
I said, yeah, well what if your family sucks?
And he said, then you can count on them sucking.
He spews this holier-than-thou family values horseshit, and yet, he’s never called me on my birthday or told me that I’d be safe if he held me.
Some family!
The kind that feeds you EVER-LASTING BULLSHIT.