“I can heal that” by Julia at Dunn Cottage in Keswick

Friday September 14, 2012
5 minutes
Christopher Moore

I can heal that.
I can make it go away
All the ouch
All the pain
I can listen, I can help, I can try, I can be yours if you need
Been thinking about you.
Your smile.
This laugh is for your laugh. You’re the one I used to know. I’m not through keeping you yet. I’m a fan.
I’m making it better.
Sock puppets and open ears. I’ll hide my face if you can show yours.
This is your life. And I’m in it.
Let me help you. Let me be a better person if you need it and if you don’t, I could wait and you’d still be here. We could do so many things differently.
I can heal your heart.
I can get what you need and bring it to you.
I’ve a million offers, just pick one and that’s it. I’ve got so many of those.
All the ouch.
All the pain.
I’m ready. Let me help you.
Let me be your A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
What’s this sadness anyway?
We can fix it. We can turn it around.
Your heart craves love and a little kindness.
Your face needs touch, your arms can’t grow cold.
It’s the way it is and the way it should be.
If you don’t want me, I’ll find someone else to be this for you.
Barefoot in the park, good book, I can heal that.

“because I’m the one” by Julia at The Toronto Coffee Company

Thursday, September 13, 2012 at the Toronto Coffee Company
5 minutes
Hannah Moscovitch

Surely you’ve been thinking about me. I dyed my hair on Friday and am pretty certain that the dramatic shift in my appearance is enough to keep the mind-a-lingering. I only assume this as my natural colour-ugh-dirty blonde, is of the utmost lame and boring shade, and this chocolate brown shade makes you think of exotic or eccentric ladies that you usually just look at in photographs.
This is the time in my life where you say, “look at her, she’s a magnet for sex, passion, desire, and free thinking.” You’ll say, “I hope she likes chia seeds because I’m going to make her a delicious pudding out of them based on the fact that she has that quality about her.” You’ll say, “are you free tonight for a warm bath and a long lasting massage that makes you question your Christianity?”
I’m the one now…
I’m the one you dream of saying things like that to. I’m the one you think about now because my new hair just reeks of happy memories and sheer unforgettable-ness. I have the hair of a new woman.
I’m proud, I walk taller, and I generally change my socks everyday if not every other day.
When we see each other next you’ll say, “It’s you. You’re the one.”