“From 10-25 people” by Julia at her desk

Sunday September 9, 2012
5 minutes
Starting A Business
Harvard Business School Press

We’re fitting the whole world on a boat, shipping them off to other parts of no where.
There is no flood. We are just doing a thing and the people are going along with it.
Our instructions are to save or to export or something like this.
There is no written consent, or verbal for that matter.
The people are tired of being here and are desperately trying to go there. Which is anywhere but here.
We can catch the side glances of the elderly when they’re trying to be brave for their little ones.
We catch it and then we throw it on back for the fish to feed on and for the gulls to swoop in and make a mess out of.
We’re all going, not just everyone else. All of us. We’re both excited and terrified because the boat reaches a very high velocity and not all of us can swim.
Some of us tell the others not to worry because we’ll help them cross if we get pulled under.
This is a lie.
None of us are safe. Not on this journey to the better place or places which aren’t here, but aren’t just there either.
We’ll purify them with water first and the rebirth will include anyone who is willing to sing instead of eat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.