“inhale and exhale” by Sasha at La Merceria

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at La Merceria
5 minutes
The Oprah Magazine
November 2011

There are two women sitting beside me. Spanish music plays on the stereo at the coffee shop. One has short, blond highlighted hair (think Jamie Lee Curtis) and is wearing a pink, quilted, professional looking dress. She wears flashy jewellery and has a very soothing voice. She tap tap taps on her iPad. “Let’s find that cleanse…” “Let’s look up that company…” “When are you going to LA?” Across from her sits an equally blond, slightly younger woman, but with longer hair, equally flashy jewellery but more subdued clothes. Understated. She wears a white T-shit and black dress pants. I sneak a glance at their shoes. Both wear tan heels. “I’m doing this. I’m doing this,” she keeps repeating. “My ideas are important. My ideas are valid. No one else has my ideas…” Pink Dress nods very supportively. “Your life is pretty good,” says Pink Dress. “Good husband, good kids, good boss… You just need to get your health back on track.” She’s summing up. White T-Shirt nods, excited for the affirmation. “I need to clean out my insides,” she says. I see something very graphic and intestine-y in my mind’s eye. Pink Dress is so inspiring I can’t stop stealing looks at them. But I don’t want “in”. I feel a bit strange hearing all this personal stuff about White T-Shirt. If I was someone that she knew they would move. Because I’m a stranger, she’s safe. Pink Dress is at it again, “If you’re feeling stressed out just innnnhale and exhale…” she demonstrates as if White T-Shirt might not get it.