“people will say stupid shit at my funeral.” by Sasha at Lit on College

Tuesday, september 4, 2012 at Lit
5 minutes
Sunday Secrets

what you should say is
she wished
every night
that she could open her bedroom window all the way
that the glass had somewhere better to go than up
that she could stand in the window frame
hands pressed hard into the old white wood
and look out
and then
when she was ready
she could crawl back into bed
and dream good dreams
what you should say is
she hated every time anyone was late
because she knew that time was precious like a cactus
to her cacti were the most precious
because you couldn’t grip them
like you could an african violet
or a spider plant
or even a ginger cat
what you should say is
she may have worn a lot of oversized shirts
but her waist was actually surprisingly small
she was just saving it’s reveal
for a very special occasion