“Approved–Thank You” by Sasha at her desk

Monday September 3, 2012
5 minutes
from a Shoppers Drug Mart receipt

He left and I burnt the evidence. I almost set the whole bed on fire but realized that wasn’t very cost effective. The sheets were old anyway. It’s a shame I don’t have a fireplace because I had to go down to the park and do it in one of those old trash cans like a hobo. August rain coming down and everything. And the druggie kids took it as a call to arms or something because before I knew it I was surrounded by kids with names like “Raven” and “Ursula” offering me tablets of things that would make me forget him altogether. I was tempted, I have to say… I really was. But I settled on a swig of something strong and sour from a flask with “Bad Girl” written in pink jewels on both sides. I didn’t need a lot of lighter fluid or anything, just a bit, a sprinkle, a dash. Boy, do sheets burn. It was almost beautiful, you know… And then, when I got home I realized the only other sheets I have are flannel. And it was thirty frikken degrees out tonight, I mean I had no choice but to abandon that plan and sleep in the bathtub like a real degenerate.