“orphan’s life” by Julia on her couch

Friday August 31, 2012
5 minutes
24H Friday August 31, 2012 issue

Not a day goes by that Dana doesn’t think about her mother. She knows she’s not living in this province, and that she’s not really her mother, but she thinks about her; what she likes, doesn’t like, what she eats, refuses to.
She wants to find the similarities somewhere. There’s no one to ask in an orphanage.
Dana’s friend Charlie, short for Charlotte, is also an orphan but doesn’t care about what her biological parents are doing the way Dana does. Charlie lives her life, full of tattoos and proclamations about wild art, and she doesn’t call anyone mommy or daddy. Charlie is a good liar. Dana hugs her sometimes while she’s crying in her sleep. In the morning she pretends that it didn’t happen and Charlie goes on acting as if she’s just thrilled about having nobody.
Dana writes a letter to her mother every day, sometimes shorter ones depending on how much time she has.
In the letters she asks a lot of questions, based on what she assumes is true about her. She talks about her white birthmark on the back of her left leg in hopes it will ignite a feeling of sadness in her mother so that she’ll maybe want to look for Dana and begin a belated relationship with her. Preferably on Dana’s 18th birthday so she can start fresh, and with a new mother.