“-all free, all year long.” by Julia at her desk

Thursday, June 7, 2012 at the Green Grind
5 minutes
Sweat Equity
Special Edition 2012

She was selling lies by the barrel. Hoping she could hold a tiny bird in her hand at least once before she died.
Said Please Mister Can You Spare A Dollar?
Said Hold My Hand I’m Afraid Of Heights.
It was going at a good price, too. Lots of juicy ones down deep at the bottom.
Remember That Time We Borrowed The Civic And Crashed It Into The Pond?
Remember That Time We Ate Gold Chicken Wings Off Of A Three Hundred Dollar Plate in Vegas?
She didn’t think anyone would notice. Hoping she’d get a good head start before anyone even recognized it was her.
Giving quarters to the homeless as a karma defense.
Eating only salmon and carrots because one was cheap and one was not.
Said Please Sister Can You Watch My Baby Just For An Hour?
Said Take Anything That You Want I Don’t Care About Material Things.
It was a good price. All those lies and no problems to come with it? It was the best deal in town, and she knew it.
Not your problems, anyway. Her lies came with her own problems, but she didn’t expect you to have to worry about those.