“My father was a fox farmer.” by Julia on the 505 heading west

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
5 minutes
Boys and Girls
Alice Munro

It sounds like a great country song, but it’s the truth. Jenna knows no one will believe that her father actually sells vacuums door to door. That and the fact that she had to wait tables at a roller derby themed diner on the weekends and escort smarmy businessmen to their brothels at night just to pay her way through her undergrad.
Jenna doesn’t want to burden her father. Ever since her mother skipped town in a blue Buick, she hadn’t wanted to trouble him. Trouble is, it was his fault in the first place. But Jenna felt like he was at least punishing himself enough with the daily Kentucky Fried Guilt that it wasn’t worth her energy to get cruel.
Somedays she thinks he’s actually happy as a solicitor for old appliances that this century’s human isn’t interested in even thinking about, let alone buying.
Sometimes she thinks he’s trying to do acts of contrition: praying to doorbells instead of a statue because at least they make a sound when you press their buttons.