“6. Mentally thank your body” by Julia at Dufferin Station

Friday, March 16, 2012
5 minutes
The Secret is in The Rainbow
Ruth Berger

Got a whole stack of magazines that I look through once in a while. I think, yeah, fashion is cyclical, it’ll still be in style and if it’s not, it will soon enough. Every time I go through them, even though some of them are over four years old, I find something new.
Take today for example. I went through it to see if the nail polish colours were coming back in style-like certain golds. Instead I find a recipe for marzipan. Now, you may not understand the significance of this find, but for me it was like the skies opened up, a chorus of angels started singing, and my life was changed. FOR THE BETTER. Some of these things are individual so if you’re looking through your old magazines, be prepared to find some that speak to you but won’t necessarily speak to me.

In that instant I mentally thanked my entire life up till now, thanked my bones, thanked my mouth, thanked my body. It felt like a realization and from something so minute…But the minutia is what made me aware. As if I’d been avoiding it before. As if I’d been neglecting the small possibilities because they weren’t big enough to notice.
It’s funny even, isn’t it? Marzipan? I know, I know. Marzipan.