“after the murders” by Julia at The Second City Training Centre

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at The Second City Training Centre
5 minutes
From the Article Was Lizzie the killer?
The Metro Wednesday March 14, 2012 edition

Milo and I wait for our mom to come home and I make him let me braid his hair because he’s little and I’m big. Milo secretly likes when I do this but in front of his friends he yells, “Jordie! I’ll never let you! Not in a million years!” Then when they go he sits between my legs, I put on our favorite movie (which is The Lion King), and we just watch it in complete silence.

Our mom has been gone for two days now. They say she’s coming back but I don’t think that’s true. All our lives she has made us a tuna fish sandwich on Thursdays, and sends us mini pizzas for lunch on Fridays. She didn’t even leave anything in the fridge with a note like usual. It’s harder to pretend like I believe them when they tell us, “Soon, soon” in front of Milo. He’s little and I’m big. I’m supposed to make sure he’s not scared and things. If I have to take care of him and our two fish, Buddy and Angel, then I think I’ll be prepared for it. I’ll take on the responsibility of making tuna fish sandwiches.