“a beautiful dark-haired woman” by Julia at Cafe La Gaffe

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at Cafe La Gaffe
5 minutes
The Bell Jar
Sylvia Plath

Constance, that whore, she’s been spreading lies about me. Fifth period English, everyone’s snickering like filthy little badgers, snickering about something that whore, Constance, has said about me before I get there. Probably something snide like, “Emma eats pussy”, or “Emma bribed Mr. Aniston with her prepubescent tit bumps so she could get an extension on the Vietnam War paper.” I fucking hate Constance. She wears white socks everyday and she thinks it looks good but it doesn’t. It looks retarded. Constance also eats baby carrots without chewing, and some how I’m the one who has a reputation for cock sucking Mr. Aniston. Oh yeah, and carpet munching. I don’t even like girls. Constance does. She watches late night pornos of two girls in pink underwear kissing with their tongues all out and licking each other. Constance is a whore. Everyday I see her, she puts her tongue between her two fingers and makes it look like she’s going down on a girl, and she does it so everyone sees and gets the signal that I’m the one who does it, not Constance. I punched her in her ear last Friday and told her I would cut all her hair off if she ever tried that again…